Jaunique Sealey

On a limited basis, I am available for consulting projects in the following areas. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements and the associated rates.




Brand Achitecture

Alongside your product or service, your brand is the crown jewel of your business. The integrated architecture of a strong brand ensures a powerful positive statement is delivered to your customers on your behalf, that will echo long after your marketing dollars have been spent. It is the handshake and familiar greeting that reinforces development of your customer relationships.

Your brand should tell a visual story that is consistent across the growing number of available intersection points. It should translate to speak the specific language of each appropriate platform, serving to strengthen your relationship with your customer and forging the deeper meaning of your company ethos into their thinking.

For this to occur, your branding must be carefully considered from both a top-down and bottom up, global approach. 

Engage my brand architecture services, and you will be afforded the advantage of my unique perspective as a trans-functional executive manager who understands not only the requirements of high-level and long-term business objectives, but also the visceral human response and creative connection that a brand must elicit. I create brands that can be loved and that can survive even a transfer of ownership, with identity intact.

I have successfully established new brands within a specific customer segment, both direct to consumer, as well as B2B service brands.

I have also resurrected, reimagined and repositioned exiting brands: upstreaming mass-market to luxury as well as creating authentic and complimentary downmarket brand extensions for luxury identities.


Business Architecture

The most difficult step to take is from the place of an idea or concept, to the point of a crisp and coherent plan for execution. This is my specialty.

I call this business architecture, although it could be called idea or concept architecture as well. It is the process of finding the first step for the realization of any idea that establishes the path by which it will be accomplished.

A skilled architect through experience knows the potential and the limits of her materials and has the vision to see the creation of something in the exact place where nothing once existed. This is my art. I specialize in the impossible.

Do you have a challenging concept or idea that has no current solution or plan for execution?  My business architecture services will be right for you.

I have provided many forms of this service to a wide variety of companies, ranging from startups to closely-held family-owned organizations, to publicly-traded companies 9-figure market capitalization.

Contact me and let’s discuss your needs and make impossible just another step along the path to completed.


Growth Strategy

If you need to supercharge your brand, audience development or market expansion, you will want to be positioned to best take advantage of the opportunities presented via niche SEO, SEM, social media and email marketing, customer acquisition, data analysis, psyche mapping and the latest developments in growth hacking.

Growth success comes from properly identifying, targeting and then connecting with your niche, authentically and effectively. Learn how I grew site traffic of a niche brand from zero to consistent revenue-generating 5-figure monthly site traffic in less than 12 months and with a decreasing advertising spend (which eventually reached zero).

Contact me to discuss which approach is right for you.